Rustica Coffee and Tea Menu

All coffee provided by Water Street Coffee Joint. Please ask your server about our selection of cordials, single malt scotch, single-barrel bourbon and port

Sumatra Mandheling French Press $6

Mountain Water Columbia French Press (Decaf) $6

Wulu Green or Wild Berry Black Tea $4

Golden Blossoms or Scaret Herbal Tea (Decaf) $4

After Dinner Cordials

Broadbent “5 Year Reserve” Madeira $5

Broadbent “10 Year Malmsey” Madeira $13

Broadbent “Colheita 1996” Madeira $14

Dow's “Fine Ruby” Port $5

Fonseca “Late Bottled Vintage 2007” Port $7

Taylor Fladgate “10 Year Tawny” Port $9

Alexander “Cabernet” Grappa $10

Lorenzo Inga “Barolo” Grappa $14

Caravella Limoncello, Italy $9

Grand Marnier Cognac Liqueur $12

Martell “VS” Cognac $9

Martell “VSOP” Cognac $11

Oban “18 Year” Single Malt Scotch $28

Lagavulin “16 Year” Single Malt Scotch $19

Laphroaig “18 Year” Single Malt Scotch $17

The Macallan “12 Year” Single Malt Scotch $14


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Rustica Coffee and Tea


“Tea pot is on, the cups are waiting, Favorite chairs anticipating, No matter what I have to do, My friend there's always time for you”

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